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Chilli (Lal Mirch)

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IPM Chillies

ITC Spices has leveraged its competitve advantage of working with directly with farmers and has built one of the largest Backward Integration Programme for chillies in India.

The crop development programme of our business, viz Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is designed to meet the stringent norms of pesticide residue levels which is our major competitive advantage. Along with the IPM programme, the Spices quality lab certified to NABL standards is highly valued by discerning customers. IPM is an ecological approach to pest control that hinges on the usage of preventive cultural practices, monitoring mechanical and biological controls and responsible pesticide use. The emphasis is on control of pests and not on eradication.

ITC Spices is engaged in developing customized IPM programme in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka which are the major chilli growing areas. Over the years we have expanded our presence in these areas and are currently one of the largest IPM chilli growers in India.


Sterilization (Steam, ETO & Irradiation)

ITC Spices offers Chillies with varying heat and colour value to cater to specific requirements

ITC Spices is capable of offering custom made ground chillies with desired heat and colour values. Standard blends with low, medium and high heat are also available. Our Chilli powder is in compliance with the EU food regulation, USFDA & Japanese norms for Pesticide residue, Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin and other parameters.

    Salient Features:

  • Heat Range from 5000 - 200000 SHU
  • Customized Aflatoxin solution
  • Visual colour using L.A.B. and ASTA technique
  • Private Labelling
  • Tailored blend management
  • Sterilization (Steam, ETO & Irradiation)
Granulation Size
Coarse 500 - 600µ
Medium 300 - 500µ
Fine 200 - 300µ

The Final product can be customized to meet heat, color, granulation and seed percentage level of the customer specification and end use of requirement.


    Sterilization Offered:

  • Steam, ETO, Irradiation
4.75 mm to 1 mm