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About ITC Limited

ITC is one of India's foremost multi-business enterprises with a market capitalization of over US $ 40 billion and a turnover of US $ 8 billion. Its businesses span Consumer Goods, Hotels, Paperboards and Packaging, Agri Business and Information Technology. ITC is a global exemplar in sustainability and the only enterprise in the world of comparable dimensions to be carbon-positive (10 years in a row), water-positive (13 consecutive years) and solid waste recycling positive (for the last 8 years).

ITC Agri Business is one of India's leading marketers of agri-produce in world markets. Building enduring relationships with farmers for over a century, it has empowered farmers and helped in transforming rural lives and landscapes.

About ITC Spices

ITC Spices Business, located in the chilli capital of the world (Guntur in Andhra Pradesh), is one of India's leading producers and exporters of Backward Integrated Food Safe Spices. ITC engages extensively with over 7,800 Spice Farmers across 18,500 Hectares and 210 villages, to offer customers the finest food safe spices which comply with the strictest food safety norms across the world. Food Safety, Quality (of product & service) and sustainability form the bedrock of ITC's spices business. ITC Spices has end to end control over the value chain together with a first of its kind (in spices industry) IT-enabled Bar Code traceability implemented throughout its value chain. ITC has established state-of-the-art infrastructure with best-in-class certifications.

ITC's Backward Integration

Powered by ITC's sustainability philosophy, the Business has progressed beyond the normal IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach to grow food safe spices and move towards adopting a more holistic ICM (Integrated Crop Management) Approach. This requires large scale interventions-technological, agronomical, social, environmental and regulatory- at the very grassroots level. ITC, with its hard earned "Trust Equity" with the farming community, is one of the few companies which is uniquely positioned to usher in this change and deliver long term sustainable food safety to the world. ITC Spices strives to address the challenges confronting customers by tackling the problems at the source.

ITC's unique backward integration model aims at 'producing the buy rather than buying the produce'. ITC deploys the latest technology and agronomy practices (Tray Seedlings, Drip Irrigation, Bio-Pesticide Kits, Farm Mechanization, Remote Sensing, Mobile crop advisory etc.) to ensure that it delivers cutting edge solutions. ITC's sustainability initiatives in the spices growing regions have been certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

The ITC Spices Business ensures consistency and guarantees the highest quality to its customers and addresses their food safety concerns by nurturing process driven value chains. The Business is committed to delivering enduring value for all its stakeholders.