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Cumin (Jeera)

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Cumin refers to the boat shaped and ridged, dried seeds of the plant Cuminum Cyminum. It is about 3-6 mm long with ridges along its length and varies from Bright Grey to Dark Ash in colour. As with most other spices, Cumin as well is attributed with medicinal properties besides its characteristics as a seed spice. Cumin across the globe is commonly used as the powdered form, straight or blended with other spices. India is the largest producer and exporter of Cumin in the world. The major Cumin producing states are Rajasthan and Gujarat which is located in western part of India. Sterilization Offered - Steam, ETO, Irradiation

Whole Cumin

The quality of Whole Cumin is primarily adjudged on the basis of physical cleanliness of the final product, besides the volatile oil percentage in the seeds. Like Chilli, ITC has crop development for Cumin also in order to supply compliance material. We have developed backward integration programme for Cumin and identified growing zones which has lower risk of pesticide residue.

To manage the impurities, adulteration & cleanliness in Cumin, we have in house machine cleaning and sortex cleaning facilities.