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Pre-processing Details

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ITC Pre-Processing

We pre-process all varieties of Chilli, Turmeric & Cumin which shall be exported in whole form and also shall be utilized for manufacturing of Crushed & powder for meeting stringent customer specifications. We offer all types of pre-processing activities like sun-drying, hand-grading, De-stemming & machine cleaning based on the customer quality specification.

Pre-processing operation helps to ensure meeting of Customer quality specification in terms of Physical, chemical & biological parameter by proper drying, grading/cleaning and packing which in-turn ensures to meet the regulatory norms of the countries for which the product exported as whole. We have mechanised cleaning facility which helps to remove foreign matter like stones, metal, plastic pieces etc., with grading facility for to ensure Afla guarantee product to end customer

We have both manual and mechanised cleaning facility dedicated for different products with barcode enabled traceability system. All our in-house/integrated handling location are facilitated with good hygiene, storage practices with pest control system. We have trained staff and labours for to ensure the deliverance of quality product to our end customers

Some of the Best Practices at our processing locations:

  • Adoption of Good Handling Practices
  • Adherence to strict personal hygiene practices
  • Validated Cleaning and handling procedures
  • Positive release system by barcode traceability at each node
  • Control of product quality (physical, chemical & biological) through contaminant proof pre-processing/handling facility
  • Mechanised & product specific cleaning facility

Key highlights of the process

  • Delivery of Foreign/Extraneous matter free product
  • Delivering Aflatoxin guarantee material
  • Customer specific cleaning & drying
  • Separate cleaning facility for Turmeric & Cumin
  • Provision of less microbial products i.e., Turmeric

ITC Storage Facilities

We understand importance of product physical quality and ensuring the quality by proper storage in cold storage facility. We store the Raw material & processed material in cold storage for quality assurance. We also have warehouse to facilitate handling, quality inspection, sampling and for fumigation of product.

We have dedicated cold storage with controlled temperature to ensure quality of product. We have dedicated storage facility for Whole chilli & finished goods i.e., separate warehouses for storing treated & untreated material.

All the storage facility are facilitated with traceability system for to ensure positive release system of quality cleared lots for further movement to different nodes.

Key Highlights of the process

  • Separate storage facility for Finished goods i.e., Treated & un-treated & Whole chilli
  • Separate dedicated warehouse for storage of different products i.e., Chilli, Turmeric & Cumin
  • Cold storage with controlled temperature for to ensure product quality.
  • IT system enabled storage facility for to ensure traceability & stock maintenance.