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What We Believe

At ITC we believe that businesses exist to sub-serve larger societal goals. Therefore, their contribution is best measured by the value they create for society at large, going beyond traditional profit and loss statements.

It is ITC's belief that a company's performance must be measured by its Triple Bottom Line contribution to building economic, social and environmental capital. By adopting this approach, the company has unleashed multiple drivers of growth in India, creating sustainable livelihoods for 6 million people belonging to the marginalized sections of society as well as ensuring long-term sustainability and competitiveness of its businesses.

ITC is today a global exemplar in sustainability practices; a fact that is manifested in its status of being the only company in the world of comparable dimensions to be 'carbon positive', 'water positive' and 'solid' 'waste recycling positive'.

What We Do

Business cannot succeed in societies that fail. Businesses must play a more meaningful, involved and active role in the creation of a more sustainable and inclusive future. ITC is pursuing innovative business strategies that synergize the creation of sustainable livelihood and the preservation of natural capital with the building of shareholder value.

ITC shares a century long relationship with the farming community reaching directly to the farm gate, linking the farming community to the global business markets and building capability by adopting international best practices.

ITC's foray into the spices business through its Agri Business is an endeavour to provide quality differentiation across the value chain from the farmer to the customer. Sustainable Agricultural Practices are designed by ITC for farmers to produce attribute-based spices while improving triple bottom line performance. Customers derive value from quality assurance processes of ITC which also ensure traceability and identity preservation of spices enhancing farmer capability, profitability and environment sustainability.