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The ITC Spices Advantage

Given the growing demand for high quality food safe IPM cumin, we have made it a special focus area and initiated a backward integration programme for the crop.

As a responsible/trusted cumin supplier, we ensure that our offerings - both in seed and ground forms - meet the highest levels of cleanliness and allergen compliance. To achieve this, we begin right at the source with interventions at the farm level backed by sortex cleaning and rigorous quality checks at all stages of production. We assure compliance to EU, US, Australian and Japanese food safety norms in terms of limits on pesticide residues and allergens, and guarantee weed free produce.


  • Whole - 97-99.5% sortex clean cumin
  • Ground - Minimum 2% volatile oil guarantee

Sterilisation Options

  • Steam
  • ETO
  • Irradiation


  • Jumbo Packaging (500 kgs)
  • Bulk (25 kgs): PP Bags / Kraft Paper Bags
  • Retail (50 - 500 gms)
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