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Integrated Community Engagement (ICE) Programme

ICE Objectives

ITC Spices'
Solution - ICE

The objective of the programme is to support ICE villages to become economically, ecologically and socially sustainable. Towards this end, ITC Spices implements multiple interventions to optimise resource utilisation and enable farmers to align their produce to global markets - making them more competitive and increasing their incomes. This creates an economic and environmental bedrock to raise their living standards and build a sustainable future.

For ITC Spices, ICE is a vital strategy in securing consistent and reliable supply in the long-term. It significantly enhances the capability to "produce the buy" rather than "buy The produce" so that customers benefit from quality assured, identity preserved, food safe spices at globally competitive prices.

Aiming to go beyond crop and environmental management strategies, ITC Spices' Integrated Community Engagement (ICE) Programme puts in place multiple interventions addressing the entire spectrum of farm community needs. Enabled by a team of agronomists, agriculture experts, engineers and development managers, the ICE framework comprises:

  • Crop Development activities for ensuring higher productivity, product quality & integrity
  • Natural Resource Management initiatives to nurture soil and water health
  • R & D for developing best practices and solutions customised to local needs
  • Community Development interventions to improve infrastructure and expand livelihood opportunities (e.g. through livestock development)
"ITC Spices holds a Rainforest Alliance certificate for its chilli production across 150 acres of farmland in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. Rainforest Alliance certification helps protect the environment and ensure sustainable livelihood. This certification validates the strength of our multi-dimensional initiatives in supporting environmental, social and economic sustainability in our chilli operations."