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Organic Amendments

  • Applying indigenous methods supported by modern technologies to enhance soil organic content
  • Improving crop quality & productivity while reducing cultivation costs
  • Green Manure Crops
  • Silt Application
  • Vermicomposting

Soil Compaction Management & Sub-soiling

  • Promoting soil compaction management through scientific diagnosis & field specific solutions
  • Invigorating compacted soils through sub-soiling
  • Field Measurements
  • Penetrometer
  • Sub-Soiler

Site Specific Nutrient Management (SSNM)

  • Deploying remote sensing & GIS systems in mapping soil fertility to enable quicker scale-up
  • Creating spatial nutrient variability maps to evaluate nutrient requirements of specific soil type areas
  • Customisingfertiliser mix through an internally developed Soil Test Crop Response (STCR) equation
  • Reducing random use of chemical fertilisers thereby minimising cultivation costs
  • Resulting in cleaner crops & positively impacting the local natural resource base
  • Spatial Nutrient Variability Mapping
  • STCR Project Plots
"ITC Spices holds a Rainforest Alliance certificate for its chilli production across 150 acres of farmland in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. Rainforest Alliance certification helps protect the environment and ensure sustainable livelihood. This certification validates the strength of our multi-dimensional initiatives in supporting environmental, social and economic sustainability in our chilli operations."